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Genuine Groundhog towable secure site storage unit. The unit has been owned and used by us for around 5 years now (bought second hand) so no idea on its age.
It's in a generally good and solid condition, it does have some corrosion as you can see but this can be easily treated/repaired and overall the unit is very solid and secure. We have used this on remote sites for tools and materials storage without any issues whatsoever.
It operates and jacks up as its should, it does have some sockets/lights etc and some worktop inside but no idea if any of it works as its never been used by us.

£1500 +VAT

Groundhog Towable Secure Storage Unit Site Welfare Store Office Vandal Resistant
7' x 7' ticket / gate house.
This unit is brand new and unused
Fitted with 2 x serving windows that slide up.
Complete with worktop and 2 handy drawers.
Glazed on 3 sides for excellent visibility.
This includes an internal light.

£2600 +VAT

Gate house ticket office
8FT X 8FT Ticket Booth / Site Office
Electrical Test: 6.3.2017
4 x Aluminum Sash windows
2 x double sockets, 1 x fluorescent light
Worktop to both sides, electric heater
Newly painted exterior ready for deployment.

£2500 +VAT ono

8ft x 8ft Ticket Office / Site Office / Portable Office
24ft x 10ft Plastisol Ticket Office / Site Office
Windows to 3 sides + Central Door
Recent electrical Test
Worktop to 3 sides.
Jack leg and stackable
Vinyl Floor.
Very tidy unit, ready for use.
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£3500 +VAT ono

Portable Office / Ticket Office / Site Office
HFA Removals
12ft x 9ft Plastisol Office, in excellent order with recent electrical test * One door * 2 side windows * Jack Leg * Double socket and fluorescent light * Decorative wipeable wall finish * Supplied with two keys
Ready for deployment

£2500 +VAT

12ft x 9ft Plastisol Portable Office / Site Office / Crew Office
16ft x 8ft Secure Events/Ticket Office. Newly painted and ready for deployment.
** 3 teller positions with secure windows and metal shutters.
** Fully wired with fluorescent lighting and selection of sockets (recently tested)
**Two entrance/Exit doors-one either end.
** Newly Painted
Ready for deployment!
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£3550 +VAT

Secure Ticket / Site / Event Office
Exit Entry power unit tower with boom for 12 foot opening
This was working when installed but we had to take it out when the council started road works and we never reinstalled

£200 +VAT ono

Entry / Exit Barrier Power Unit with Boom for 12 foot+ Opening
Recently refurbished 1.2 x 1.5m Olympic Gatehouse/Kiosk
  • Fibreglass construction
  • Windows on all four sides
  • 2kw Convector Heater
  • Double Power Socket
  • Light
  • Opening roof-light
  • Skid-mounted

£500 +VAT

ticket office

Sold Security Cabin - Kent

Price: £2500 +VAT
Security Cabin
8ft by 4ft
Aircon/ Heater unit on roof
Good condition inside/ outside and underneath

£2500 +VAT

Security Cabin

Sold Security Cabin - Kent

Price: £800 +VAT ono
used security cabin
•Fork Lift Slots on the under side

•Very Good condition

•Seats 3 comfortably

•Blue Commando power connection on back

£800 +VAT ono

used security cabin

Sold 8’x6’ Gatehouse - Basildon, Essex

Price: £1450 +VAT
8’x6’ Gatehouse
Timber & plastisol construction
Windows on 3 sides – 1 sliding window
Re-lined on the inside
Newly painted on the outside
New convector heater, Double powerpoint

£1450 +VAT

8’x6’ Gatehouse
Timber and Plastisol steel construction with Sliding Windows on three sides and Lockable external door.
Fluorescent lighting, Convector heater, Double Power point, Skid-mounted, Lifting eyes, Sound throughout. Wind and water-tight.
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£1800 +VAT

6’x6’ Gatehouse (1.8m x 1.8m)
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