One Off Luxury Set Of Twin 4 Bay Shower Units - Gloucestershire


Two luxury four bay shower units for sale. These showers been tailor built as a twin set, one with left handed doors and one with right making them perfect for small spaces. This layout gives you many different shapes and angles to get them in where other units wouldn't fit. They are also smaller than the average units externally at 2.1m wide 5.9m long including the A Frame and 2.8m high.

They come with pull out steps that are built into the chassis of the tailer. The chassis is fully galvanised so no rusting. The chassis is designed so that the waste of the showers run through it with a 2 inch cam lock fitting at each end allowing you to pick where you want the waste. The boxing of the unit itself is 14mm thick with white GRP and green strong foam between the GRP making the units extremely light at around 1.5 tons each. There is also a sump pump that will come with each unit that are mounted in tanks so that if the waste needs pumping out it can be. The service bay is located at the front of the trailers with the A Frame along with the gas, water and power supply so they are all in the same place. There is a Rinnai HD55i Low-Nox water heater in each service bay running the hot water. They also have 400L water tanks mounted in the service bay with 3/4 inch ball valve in for main supply feeding a DAB water pump supplying a steady high pressure to the four water outlets. This pump keeps the same pressure no matter now many showers are running.

The A Frame has the 47KG gas bottle supply location ready for once they are on site with a two bottle change over valve. The units will also come with a brand new gas certificate ready for site. There is chrome pipework in the shower bays with Inta push button showers and have a roof mounted shower head. Inside the cubicles there is a dividing walls to keep clothes dry from the shower as well as a wooden seat and wooden shelve. There are hooks for hanging clothes and bags off the floor. The floor it self has a sightly leaning to the back of the cubical where the water disappears down a small hole running the length of the cubical for drainage.

The floor has a retro pattern on it to give the room a more homely feel and is non slip for safety. The whole cubical is designed to be able to be washed out with a hose and sponge with no worry of water damage to any of it. Each trailer has a spare tire safety mounted on the trailer just incase. We also have brought a winter jacket for each unit so that they can be winterised then wrapped up and not allow them to go green and help keep the cold away from the plumbing side of the units. We had our own vents made for each cubicles that also doubled up as signs when its dark and the LED lighting is on for people to see where they are. These units only did four weeks work last year and were only in glamping locations so there still as good as brand new inside and out. These showers truly are a mark above the rest and are perfect for glamping sites.

Delivery notes

Can be delivered on request at a extra charge depending on location. Our units are held in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7

Contact notes

Dan North

Price: £19000 +VAT ono each
Quantity: 2 — Price is per unit
Ref#: E55440B53F39

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